Such Were My Temptations: Bawdy Americans 1760-1830

    The revolutionary generations in America did more than overthrow their ‘father,’ the
    King; they broke away from all kinds of rules about family, love and marriage. In her
    groundbreaking mixed-media book Such Were My Temptations: Bawdy Americans
    , Dorothee Kocks artfully blends text, video and shared conversation to create
    an online gallery exposition about America’s very first sexual revolution. Drawing from
    archives and private collections, the art sizzles with the surprising story that scholars have
    long been telling behind the walls of academia: The founding fathers and mothers pushed
    the limits of freedom in intimate ways that explode the stereotypes of “Puritanical”

    Dorothee Kocks Discusses Such Were My Temptations

    Dorothee discusses the process of writing and producing Such Were My Temptations at a recent event
    at J GO Gallery in Park City, Utah.

    What Kind of eBook Is It?

    Such Were My Temptations is part of a new breed of transmedia ebooks, using recent technologies and reading displays to:

    • Publish stunning, full-color images previously too expensive for small editions;
    • Invite readers to talk with each other online, answering polls and sharing opinions about the controversial history of early American sex lives;
    • Stream short videos and music, and link to other books, all in an easy-to-digest format;
    • And for readers of Dorothee’s novel, The Glass Harmonica: A sensualist’s tale, this ebook connects the fictional world with the real past.

    For a fully working preview of Such Were My Temptations, click on the graphic below.