About the Publisher: Rosa Mira Books

I encourage you to buy the e-book directly from the publisher, an un-timid person who started her brand new, boutique publishing house with my novel. Penelope Todd lives on the southern tip of New Zealand. Her amazing team includes Christine Buess, book designer.

While you are there, check out Rosa Mira’s other releases, including the excellent Slightly Peculiar Love Stories. In addition to supporting a community of writers, readers, artists and other literary folk, Rosa Mira dedicates a portion of its profits to a reading program in India.

Inspired by Daniel Andreev’s The Rose of the World or Роза Мира, Rosa Mira publishes work that bears “the mark of talent and at least one of the following: a sense of beauty, broad scope, profundity of thought, sharpness of insight, purity of heart, or a joyful spirit” notwithstanding “a keen awareness of the world’s darker depths.”

Visit the Rosa Mira website. Read Penelope Todd’s blog.


The Glass Harmonica, A sensualist’s tale

E-book edition