About Beware the Timid Life™ Publishing

    Look for books with multiple dimensions. We produce content that is rich and playful — digital entertainment with an educational flair.

    Our first book, Such Were My Temptations, blends art from rare-books archives, text, and video with an online conversation. Join sexologists, historians and fellow readers as we explore the surprising history of the first American sexual revolution.

    We also present webinars for bi-curious book lovers — those who are wedded to… passionate about, committed to… the traditional book, but also willing to explore new forms and genres made possible by technology.

    Who We Are

    In medieval times, people with the same skills banded together in guilds. They owned their own shops — as local silversmiths and harness makers and woodworkers — and then joined forces in associations called guilds.

    Beware The Timid Life™ publishing is part of the guild movement in book making. While corporate publishing continues to produce wonderful books and novels, big companies aren’t as nimble as the small shops, or start-ups, that are the hallmark of our technical age.

    Begun by author and historian Dorothee Kocks, Beware The Timid Life tapped the talents of master cinematographer Peter Pilafian, new-media specialists Rich Fahle and Ron Martinez, designer Liz Brown, a host of fellow writers and editors, plus newcomer interns to create this first book.


    Dorothee’s specialty is to help creative people finish projects. She accepts a limited number of clients a year. The weekly appointments provide deadlines and structure, while the conversations strengthen courage and resolve. Contact Dorothee.

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