DIY Book Apps: New Frontiers in Storytelling

A 5-part series of recorded webinars from Beware The Timid Life

Who: Taught by Beware The Timid Life founder Dorothee Kocks with guest speakers, this course is for anyone curious about new opportunities in storytelling (geek-ability not required).

Why: An introductory, how-to course for creating content for the iPad, Kindle Fire, or other tablets, it is especially intended for:

  • Children’s book authors
  • Historical novelists and historians
  • Nature writers/photographers
  • Comic book or graphic novel writers
  • Poets who want to read aloud or include visual content
  • Artists
  • Museum people and educators
  • Or … accountants with alter-egos of any of the above

Cost: $100 for the whole course. Individual webinars available for $35 each. First session free.


More Details / Individual Sessions

Presentation One:
Celebration and Horror: Two good reactions to DIY Book Apps
• What is a book app, an enhanced ebook, a transmedia book?
• Why would you care, if you are a lover of traditional books?
• Who is this class for?

Presentation Two:
Opportunity Tour of the 21st Century Storytelling Landscape
• Guided tour of examples from publishing, entertainment, art, museum, and advertising worlds
• Stories from the frontline – cautionary optimism from someone who has tried the DIY route
• Selecting a topic with an eye toward legal issues
***Guest speaker, attorney Nicholas Wells on legal do’s and don’ts***

Presentation Three:
Roll Up Your Sleeves
• iBook Author — a simple answer in a complex field
• Short, sample book created during the session
***Guest speaker, designer Liz Brown on how to create with iBook Author

Presentation Four:
Finding the Right Tool for the Job
• Options for DIY content creation: life on the “bleeding edge of technology”
• From InDesign6 to Aerbook Maker: a reconnaissance report
• A return to the question: Why bother?

Presentation Five:
Taking Your Work out the Door
• Costs and rewards, financial
• Costs and rewards, self-publishing
• Costs and rewards, creative and inspirational (Do you have time for this? Do you want to?)

Dorothee Kocks’s most recent book is Such Were My Temptations: Bawdy Americans 1760-1830. A new breed of mixed-media book app, it tells the story of America’s very first sexual revolution with an artful blend of text, video and shared conversation. Her novel The Glass Harmonica, A sensualist’s tale, is a finalist for the 2011 Utah Book Award. She has taught in various capacities for 20 years, is a speaker with the Utah Humanities Council and a founder of Wasatch Writers Alliance, and she coaches writers to help them finish projects. She earned her PhD from Brown University.