Interview with author Dorothee Kocks

I come from a sexually modest family and I didn’t want Henry to be who he was. But as a writer and as a person, I’ve come to trust the edgy places...

Reading What’s Banned

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There is something good about trying out what we’re told is wrong. Something brave. Freedom requires moral courage. And moral courage often arises out of the ashes of moral failure.

An Old-fashioned Valentine

Our Puritan forefathers may not have been as virtuous as we were led to believe in history class. A thunderclap of revolutionary ideas, especially a right to happiness, echoed throughout the fledgling Republic, empowering young people to redefine traditional notions of love, marriage and personal fulfillment.

E-Book Revolution: Same story, different century

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I read in the bathtub and have always loathed e-books, but all that changed a year ago when an e-book publisher bought my debut novel. Since then, I’ve reconsidered my position, put today’s technology in context, and taken some comfort in knowing we’ve been in this kind of maelstrom before. Two hundred years ago, publishing […]