Interview with author Dorothee Kocks

I come from a sexually modest family and I didn’t want Henry to be who he was. But as a writer and as a person, I’ve come to trust the edgy places...

That’s a Wrap!

Alastair Owen and Jakob Wehrman of Edelbytes & actor Eli
I did not expect the making of my book trailer to bring a director to tears. Even in the act of PR, magic can happen.

E-Book Revolution: Same story, different century

Webster dictionary
I read in the bathtub and have always loathed e-books, but all that changed a year ago when an e-book publisher bought my debut novel. Since then, I’ve reconsidered my position, put today’s technology in context, and taken some comfort in knowing we’ve been in this kind of maelstrom before. Two hundred years ago, publishing […]

Do E-book Authors Dream of Electronic Royalty Checks?

Rosa Mira Books
As the digital revolution ripples through the book publishing industry, authors blaze alternative paths to publishing success. Dorothee's new book, The Glass Harmonica, is a perfect example.